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Probably should have worked out earlier, but I have been tired all day. Mostly packed. Tired, but I am really bored. Going on my direct flight early tomorrow evening!

Bow Down to Washington

Seriously. Re-watching the USC game is like deja vu. It brought the same feeling I had at those few seconds left of the game. I was just asking the same thing, "why are they not stopping the clock? USE YOUR TIMEOUT!!!!" lol. It was so intense, so much going on, so much pressure. Ahh....I am excited for Saturday night's game against ASU...(yes, I ended up getting tix through Stubhub last Thursday, and it was a good choice because it roughly "saved" me at least $20, instead of buying them late this week, after the USC win ;p)

Happy Friday tomorrow!

Need Help- computer related

My laptop died on me for the first time last night. But it came back alive after I held it close to a fan. It wasn't even that hot. It happened in the midst of me uploading pix on flickr. Then I also noticed my computer was running slow. It can't be the Internet connection. The wifi works just fine for my iPod. So my question is, how do you increase your hard drive space? I have already disabled hibernation on my windows. It helped a bit but my Internet still runs like shit. Is there something I can buy, or am I screwed meaning it's really time for a new computer because it's already 5 years old? Siiigh. I think it's because of all the pics I have and my recent pics from my ( new) camera are huge. I'm even typing all this from my iPod touch! Ah, ANY help is very much appreciated! < 3 :)

Thoughts on Denver

The city of Denver is pretty much what I was expecting. A very chill city. It's a small city. The Downtown area is small, smaller than Downtown Seattle for sure. People don't speed; they drive within the speed limit, at speed limit or 5 over. People yield to you. People are also friendly. I was also expecting to see some major racial differences: like the way Jason put it, instead of seeing more Asians like in Seattle, you see more Mexicans. I actually haven't seen a lot of Mexicans. Asians are definitely at like 1%. Instead of seeing people all over the place in DT with messy traffic, you barely see a lot of people or tourists walkiing around. You always pay by meter all day until 10pm, except for Sundays/holidays. It is also cheap: $1/hour by coins mostly, some let you use cc.

Today, I drove to Downtown twice. The first time, I went to check out Coors Field (had just missed the tour, though!) Pepsi Center, Invesco Field in a distance. I really wanted to go to the Denver Art Museum, but they had some major detour with the roads being closed, and it was really messing with my GPS. I was tired of it all and it was 93 degrees, so the best I could do was also to take a picture of the state capitol in the car.

The second time was when I went back a few hours later to watch the husky game playing at BYU. I kinda was forced to drink for the first time since July. A little weird again hanging out at the bar by myself (at a bar called Sports Column) for an hour or so. I wasted too much time getting ready to head out because I had realized my GPS was going low on battery so I went with googlemap for directions. I am a little bit screwed for the next 2.5 days.

ANYWAYS...I am also flattered because apparently I am pretty/attractive in Denver? LOL. I've gotten attention both days/nights! Partly maybe because I was never with a guy? I don't know. It feels good, though, lol.

Traveling alone again? I don't think so! I felt pretty lonely late last night and again today. Partly because I know Jason is having a lot of fun. While I am admiring a new city, I still feel like something is missing here.

Yes, I could definitely live here. It's a bit scary to drive in a new city, but it would not be difficult to learn the streets here. It's very laidback. There is definitely not that much to do, though. But I don't do much, either, haha. I love the mountain view. I know Jason would like it here, too.

I am off to Rocky Mountain National Park tomorrow! Without my GPS, I am most likely not going to drive up to Cheyenne anymore. I was tempted to drive up, but I don't want to get lost. And I am still nervous about all the scratches all over the car and the stupid dent. I am probably going to get f'ed over. :(I am going to study the map some more tonight here, and probably go to bed really early (slept like shit last night/early morning), but I will still wait for Jason's call...

Dexter: Season 4

When I saw you I fell in love, and you smiled because you knew. -- William Shakespeare.

Somehow, time flew right by when you weren't available.

I feel completely satisfied after being able to watch Dexter again, even with one episode. Now I don't know what I would do without you. Dexter, will you be mine?

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I'm almost there! I bought an "end table" today, but it's more like a "decorative" table because it's not that sturdy. It's pretty with a cloth and glass on top...I suppose it was a sign of giving up after searching for an end table for a long time. Currently waiting for shipping confirmation for my coffee table - had ordered it through a third party on Amazon. Expecting to receive it no later than the end of next week. I am almost's starting to feel good. I set up my dining set immediately after buying it and carrying it all with Dennis. Yes, I actually gave in and called my boss to help me since I had no way of bringing it home. It was a frustrating weekend (the weekend before) with furniture buying, but I am glad I got the big furniture (including my couch set) all taken care of.

I have spent awfully a lot of money recently, but saving in advance helped me a lot. I am not sure if it works out to travel to LA next month (for Memorial Day weekend) anymore, even though I check on tickets daily for deals. I would love to go to Denver (yes, I still talk about it!) but it is more expensive to go there than to LA, but I know I WILL visit there this year or next week. This is getting a little stressful (Jason keeps asking because Laurie changed her mind for 5/15-5/17 for the beach weekend to Memorial Day weekend) but I am sure it will all work out.

Moving, furniture buying, and baseball have been keeping me really occupied. I haven't had time for anything else. I must say, it is pretty damn fabulous to cook in the kitchen and still be able to watch TV from there. I did take Jason to our first Mariners game last friday against Detriot; it was one heck of a game - we won at 11-3! I haven't really missed a game other than the first tuesday, wednesday and thursday they played.

Bon Jovi Concert (2/19)

Almost two weeks later, I am finally updating on the concert.

What the HELL was I thinking to say that the Weezer concert in 10/08 was the best concert I had ever attended? I questioned on this. Seriously, Weezer was really performing for like 2 hours. The whole concert ended shortly after 10pm (Angels & Airwaves or whatever that opening band was called did not help at all, either.) Plus, they were going crazy on stage looking like they really stoned.

Bon Jovi concert ended up just after 11pm. The performance was fantastic. It was real, the band was REALLY into it, and I also checked for signs of lip-syncing (how dare I was to check for that from a classic rock band? :P) and there was none of that. The fans were loud and were all over them, or Jon only. ;) They must've made a lot of money from this concert. We were far from the stage, but with my new camera, I was able to take some semi-decent pictures (far better than my old camera!) So yeah, I am a better fan now than ever before. Not going to say I am the biggest fan. It was probably a life-time experience that I'll never forget.

I also really really appreciate the audience being the mature crowd. It really attracted the older generation - people in their 30's - 50's. I LOVED it. I hate going to concerts dealing with young teenagers.

Oh, most pictures are posted on Facebook, but I have no friends that care, haha. They performed 6 songs from the new album (We weren't Born to Follow, When We Were Young, Thorn in my side, Love's the Only Rule, Superman Tonight, & Work for the Working Man) and It's My Life and Livin' On a Prayer, and some other songs I wasn't too familiar with, lol.

I am glad to see one of the greatest rock band live. Worth every penny.

Tax Refund

Not sure if I ever updated about my tax refund, but I was getting $46 from the IRS. Just got it through direct deposit! :D Ha, next year, if I am lucky to have a tax refund for over $50, I think I would definitely try for the savings bonds.

Need help!

Does anyone how to delete unwanted usernames that your computer automatically saves for you? I need to fix this but I never know how to do this. I keep accidentally combine my passwords into the username field on various websites......