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Probably should have worked out earlier, but I have been tired all day. Mostly packed. Tired, but I am really bored. Going on my direct flight early tomorrow evening!

Seriously. Re-watching the USC game is like deja vu. It brought the same feeling I had at those few seconds left of the game. I was just asking the same thing, "why are they not stopping the clock? USE YOUR TIMEOUT!!!!" lol. It was so intense, so much going on, so much pressure. Ahh....I am excited for Saturday night's game against ASU...(yes, I ended up getting tix through Stubhub last Thursday, and it was a good choice because it roughly "saved" me at least $20, instead of buying them late this week, after the USC win ;p)

Happy Friday tomorrow!

My laptop died on me for the first time last night. But it came back alive after I held it close to a fan. It wasn't even that hot. It happened in the midst of me uploading pix on flickr. Then I also noticed my computer was running slow. It can't be the Internet connection. The wifi works just fine for my iPod. So my question is, how do you increase your hard drive space? I have already disabled hibernation on my windows. It helped a bit but my Internet still runs like shit. Is there something I can buy, or am I screwed meaning it's really time for a new computer because it's already 5 years old? Siiigh. I think it's because of all the pics I have and my recent pics from my ( new) camera are huge. I'm even typing all this from my iPod touch! Ah, ANY help is very much appreciated! < 3 :)

The city of Denver is pretty much what I was expecting. A very chill city. It's a small city. The Downtown area is small, smaller than Downtown Seattle for sure. People don't speed; they drive within the speed limit, at speed limit or 5 over. People yield to you. People are also friendly. I was also expecting to see some major racial differences: like the way Jason put it, instead of seeing more Asians like in Seattle, you see more Mexicans. I actually haven't seen a lot of Mexicans. Asians are definitely at like 1%. Instead of seeing people all over the place in DT with messy traffic, you barely see a lot of people or tourists walkiing around. You always pay by meter all day until 10pm, except for Sundays/holidays. It is also cheap: $1/hour by coins mostly, some let you use cc.

Today, I drove to Downtown twice. The first time, I went to check out Coors Field (had just missed the tour, though!) Pepsi Center, Invesco Field in a distance. I really wanted to go to the Denver Art Museum, but they had some major detour with the roads being closed, and it was really messing with my GPS. I was tired of it all and it was 93 degrees, so the best I could do was also to take a picture of the state capitol in the car.

The second time was when I went back a few hours later to watch the husky game playing at BYU. I kinda was forced to drink for the first time since July. A little weird again hanging out at the bar by myself (at a bar called Sports Column) for an hour or so. I wasted too much time getting ready to head out because I had realized my GPS was going low on battery so I went with googlemap for directions. I am a little bit screwed for the next 2.5 days.

ANYWAYS...I am also flattered because apparently I am pretty/attractive in Denver? LOL. I've gotten attention both days/nights! Partly maybe because I was never with a guy? I don't know. It feels good, though, lol.

Traveling alone again? I don't think so! I felt pretty lonely late last night and again today. Partly because I know Jason is having a lot of fun. While I am admiring a new city, I still feel like something is missing here.

Yes, I could definitely live here. It's a bit scary to drive in a new city, but it would not be difficult to learn the streets here. It's very laidback. There is definitely not that much to do, though. But I don't do much, either, haha. I love the mountain view. I know Jason would like it here, too.

I am off to Rocky Mountain National Park tomorrow! Without my GPS, I am most likely not going to drive up to Cheyenne anymore. I was tempted to drive up, but I don't want to get lost. And I am still nervous about all the scratches all over the car and the stupid dent. I am probably going to get f'ed over. :(I am going to study the map some more tonight here, and probably go to bed really early (slept like shit last night/early morning), but I will still wait for Jason's call...

When I saw you I fell in love, and you smiled because you knew. -- William Shakespeare.

Somehow, time flew right by when you weren't available.

I feel completely satisfied after being able to watch Dexter again, even with one episode. Now I don't know what I would do without you. Dexter, will you be mine?

This just happens to be one of my favorite songs by Taylor Swift. Heard it in CA and fell more in "love" with it.

Read more...Collapse )

I'm almost there! I bought an "end table" today, but it's more like a "decorative" table because it's not that sturdy. It's pretty with a cloth and glass on top...I suppose it was a sign of giving up after searching for an end table for a long time. Currently waiting for shipping confirmation for my coffee table - had ordered it through a third party on Amazon. Expecting to receive it no later than the end of next week. I am almost settled...it's starting to feel good. I set up my dining set immediately after buying it and carrying it all with Dennis. Yes, I actually gave in and called my boss to help me since I had no way of bringing it home. It was a frustrating weekend (the weekend before) with furniture buying, but I am glad I got the big furniture (including my couch set) all taken care of.

I have spent awfully a lot of money recently, but saving in advance helped me a lot. I am not sure if it works out to travel to LA next month (for Memorial Day weekend) anymore, even though I check on tickets daily for deals. I would love to go to Denver (yes, I still talk about it!) but it is more expensive to go there than to LA, but I know I WILL visit there this year or next week. This is getting a little stressful (Jason keeps asking because Laurie changed her mind for 5/15-5/17 for the beach weekend to Memorial Day weekend) but I am sure it will all work out.

Moving, furniture buying, and baseball have been keeping me really occupied. I haven't had time for anything else. I must say, it is pretty damn fabulous to cook in the kitchen and still be able to watch TV from there. I did take Jason to our first Mariners game last friday against Detriot; it was one heck of a game - we won at 11-3! I haven't really missed a game other than the first tuesday, wednesday and thursday they played.

Almost two weeks later, I am finally updating on the concert.

What the HELL was I thinking to say that the Weezer concert in 10/08 was the best concert I had ever attended? I questioned on this. Seriously, Weezer was really performing for like 2 hours. The whole concert ended shortly after 10pm (Angels & Airwaves or whatever that opening band was called did not help at all, either.) Plus, they were going crazy on stage looking like they really stoned.

Bon Jovi concert ended up just after 11pm. The performance was fantastic. It was real, the band was REALLY into it, and I also checked for signs of lip-syncing (how dare I was to check for that from a classic rock band? :P) and there was none of that. The fans were loud and were all over them, or Jon only. ;) They must've made a lot of money from this concert. We were far from the stage, but with my new camera, I was able to take some semi-decent pictures (far better than my old camera!) So yeah, I am a better fan now than ever before. Not going to say I am the biggest fan. It was probably a life-time experience that I'll never forget.

I also really really appreciate the audience being the mature crowd. It really attracted the older generation - people in their 30's - 50's. I LOVED it. I hate going to concerts dealing with young teenagers.

Oh, most pictures are posted on Facebook, but I have no friends that care, haha. They performed 6 songs from the new album (We weren't Born to Follow, When We Were Young, Thorn in my side, Love's the Only Rule, Superman Tonight, & Work for the Working Man) and It's My Life and Livin' On a Prayer, and some other songs I wasn't too familiar with, lol.

I am glad to see one of the greatest rock band live. Worth every penny.

Not sure if I ever updated about my tax refund, but I was getting $46 from the IRS. Just got it through direct deposit! :D Ha, next year, if I am lucky to have a tax refund for over $50, I think I would definitely try for the savings bonds.

Does anyone how to delete unwanted usernames that your computer automatically saves for you? I need to fix this but I never know how to do this. I keep accidentally combine my passwords into the username field on various websites......

So glad to be able to witness our first win against No. 3 ranked USC at Husky Stadium since 1996!

So funny to hear all the boys saying they're hungover and it's not even 10pm yet.

I received my first birthday present today for my 26th and now it is really starting to sink in. Damn it, I am turning 26 in 2.5 weeks.

Went to the m's game with Amy Lenz and Chloe! It was our second game this season and maybe 12th or 13th game for me? lol. With all money spent on tickets, parking, drinks (for Jason), I think I could have bought a Gucci purse already. Anyway, I wouldn't really have wanted it any other way, though (maybe besides Jason's drinks.)

I am still in the heat of the moment, so I'm probably going to be more emotional than normal. But I know I will focus on something else so I wouldn't have to think about this anymore.

Sometimes I am surprised I haven't turned out to be a druggie or alcoholic. I didn't even run away from home when I was a teenager. I've never done drugs. I have never even tried smoking pot, and I know I will never do any of those things. But sometimes I wonder how in the hell I turned out to be "normal" coming from an abusive family (physically AND emotionally.)

I went over to my parents house after not seeing them in 6 weeks or so. It happened right after the fight I had with my mom on the phone, and I refused to call home until I'd hear some kind of apology from her. I never received one, and my Dad was the one who called me on Sunday to find out what I had been up to. I called today, so I told them I would be over. My Dad is the one who now thinks I am in the wrong for waiting for an apology from my mom who was still trying to tell me what to do with my life. I don't think I was being selfish. I've never been that kind of person, since I always try to put others before myself. I'd come home, eat and we didn't even talk about what we had been up to. I just spent my time hanging out with the cats (who basically live in the garage - another sign of an abnormal family!) seriously. Why can't I have a family where we all can talk and laugh? I admire so much when I see my friends hanging out with their parents with no awkward silence. I love seeing close-knitted families like the Brown family and Cara's family. I even love her stepmom already because she is easy going and funny as hell. I love her aunt Sue for being SO kind, sweet and welcoming. I always feel sad when I see friends who can actually hang out with their siblings because I know I will never be able to talk to my brother. I'm sad because I don't have a family like that.

I still tell myself to be thankful because my parents are the ones who brought me to America. If it wasn't them, I wouldn't have been able to meet so many great people here. I wouldn't be the same person if I had stayed in HK this whole time. (And I would be skinny as hell! :P) Sigh...coming home to Bellevue always makes me feel a bit depressed.

Gosh, the Mariners game doesn't start until 7:10. I mean, the Seahawks game doesn't even start till 5pm. What am I suppose to do for the next 3 hours, while Jason is in the kitchen fixing his tranny like a surgeon doing a heart surgery?

I think I might go for a walk on Burke Gilman trai, even though it's kind of gloomy/wet out. I will probably go back home to grab this beer I bought for a co-worker(yes, we had a drinking day at work one day last week while the bosses were gone, but I didn't drink) and it's like double chocolate stout or some sort. Need to get gas, Safeway and then that.

Nervous about the mussels for tonight, because I think they might be cooked already and that came like that from the package. I mean, they should come with closed shells, right? Well, the meat is just on one side of the shell, meaning the other side of the shell is all gone. Just to be on the safe side, I will cook with them with some wine buttery sauce. I don't want to die from eating mussels this weekend.

Almost four hours later, I finally got my hair did at the GJ academy. I was frustrated because I ended up forking out $17 for toner if I wanted consistent all-over foil. I only did a partial foil. The red turned out to be more punk red. I call it that because the ends look almost magenta, lol. It is definitely more vibrant than I would like, but it is different. I like different things, for that I don't mind it. I know Jason will not like it. The sad part is that once it fades, my hair will turn orange. I don't think I will go back for a toner or redye it. I will try to dye it myself back to something dark. It was weird since I asked to see what my hair was like without toner. My hair was back to blonde and some red from last year! I know I got some intense blonde highlights exactly around this time of the year last year. This whole red-hair experience reminds of that last experience just because this is crazy, not your girl-next-door style, not sure if I am trying to prove a point, but I know for a fact that I don't want to look punk. Anyway, it's been done, and hopefully it won't look crazy for Cara's wedding!

Of course, I don't normally post random stuff like this, but read this article:


Current Mood: amusedamused

I walked away for 5 minutes to my room and next thing I knew, Cleveland Indians had scored another 4 runs. 4 runs at the top of the 9th inning. WTF? Guess who was pitching this time - Monkey Batista. I'd say the highlight of watching tonight's game on TV is seeing Beltre's biggest fan on TV again.

The two times I had to sell Mariners tickets I had great success both times, without having to sell to some strangers off CL or anything! This time, I sold my 7/25 tickets to Ryan. He said he's only been to a game at Safeco, so this will be interesting. He might not like the seats, though. Anyway, I am happy about it, and the money for the tix has already been spent, haha. It went away sometime this weekend in Portland.

I am so excited to go to Yakima this weekend for the wineries and camping! I have never been that far out to the east side of Washington. I am actually more excited about camping than checking out the wineries. (We kinda had something like this planned along with Ben for this past weekend, but it failed through because Jason wanted to see Jimmy...) It will be just Saturday and Sunday. And it will be just the two of us. Unbelievable, and it was Jason's idea! Yeah!! :)

Ohhhh Seattle, I am back from Los Angeles. Considering how I have been going to bed 1am/2am/3am the past few nights, I have a feeling that I am just going to stay up for a little bit longer. And then cry about it tomorrow morning at work.

It was my goal to go on an airplane at least once a year. Technically, this was my second time for the year, but this trip was actually a vacation. And going to a big city was sort of a big deal(although it wasn't exactly the original plan - for those of you who didn't know, we were supposed to go to Disneyland for Cara's nephew's 3rd birthday.)

Highlights of the trip:
1. The beaches. I've always been a beach fan, so visiting Santa Monica State Beach and Venice Beach was just simply a blast.
2. I met Cara's step brother, Ian. He's such an awesome kid!
2. Watching the Mariners play at the Dodger Stadium. That makes it 7th M's game for me for the season(6 home games, and 1 away game!)
3. Six Flags. I want to go back. BAD. Kobe Bryant waz there. lolz
4. Free wine on my flight from LGB to SEA. Does Horizon always do this, or is it because they wanted to be nice to make up for being late? Anyway, I had 2 glasses of chardonnay.
5. Lots of laughter and joy! :)

...and the "lowlights" of the trip:
1. Had a lot to think while being on the trip, relationship wise.
2. LA traffic. It was very much expected. What is up with having to go on 5 different highways/freeways to go from Point A to Point B?
3. I did not get to see The Getty Museum or the walk of fame for Michael Jackson. :(
4. Having to survive in the 110 degree weather in Valencia. And I thought it was bad enough with my last visit to Vancouver for Cara's 27th bday exactly a year ago...

I feel like I could list more for the lowlights, but I don't want to sound like a pessimist. I did get a $50 authorization charge on my CC for Custom Hotel, when everything had already been paid for. If it goes through and becomes a real charge, I will need to kick their ass.

I think I am starting to fall in love with townhouses. Having my own bathroom is kind of a must, and most townhouses provide that. Many of them also provide granite top kitchen counters and a nice fridge. Last Friday, I looked at a townhouse off 85th (liked it, but I would need to take care of his dog, decently priced rent, owner/guy seems a bit strict-he's never lived with a roommate before other than his ex) Last night I looked at Townhouse #2 with two women living there. One of them was the owner. Room has its attached bathroom, downstairs, rent includes all utilities(wifi & cable TV, too) and I could see myself getting along with them because they're very laid back as well. The only downside about the place is that the kitchen is small(would not be able provide enough space for me, and their fridge would be too small for 3 people.) Just now, I looked at Townhouse #3. Brand new, the guy just bought it 2 months ago. He's a total nerd, but I would definitely get along with him(would be able to have someone to play video games with!) loved the kitchen and my own room w/ bathroom, but the rent is the most expensive out of all 3.

I am still waiting to hear back from Townhouse #1 to see what his decision is. Townhouse #2 seems to like me, but they do have some people scheduled to look at the place, too. Townhouse #3 is "first come first serve."

Would I be willing to spend more money to live in a spacious townhouse, or would I be willing to take someone else's dog out for a walk everyday? Or would I be willing to have a smaller room and share a small kitchen while not spending as much for rent monthly?

As you can tell, I really don't have a gender preference of who I want to live with. Jason shouldn't have a problem with that either. I mean, come on, I'm an adult. :)

I totally wish I could afford to be a homeowner right now.

It is so strange to see more and more people I knew from middle school/high school settling down and having kids. They're just my age - maybe a bit older than me since I was the youngest in my class at Bellevue High. I am not worried or scared, but it is just something that makes me ponder. I feel like I am just at the start of a relationship right now.

My butt still hurts from tubing. Why is that? Now I question if I have broken a bone. I can't afford to go to the doctor (No insurance.)

I have been sick all flipping week. Fortunately, it is nothing major like a fever. I just hate clearing my throat. It's annoying. My co-workers probably think I'm faking it. Hey, I haven't even thought about calling in sick. Not that I can also afford that at this stage. The economy is the sucks right now.

To make things worse, my depression started to hit again earlier in the week. I have been very stressed out with life. I know I will always get through it, no matter what it is. I did the usual ignore-the-problem-and-walk-away strategy, got weakened, and now I am mostly okay all over again. I had planned an escape(as in going somewhere adventurous/exciting) and I am still sticking to the plan: I am going to Westport near Aberdeen this weekend.

Too bad, it is too late to get a fishing license(aok, a co-worker made a comment on how he could never picture me as the type that would go fishing?) Damn it. I love the nature. I love the beaches, the ocean, the sand, the mountains, etc. You would probably never see me work on a car or anything like that, but come on. In a way, I guess I like how I surprise people like him, because that should teach them never judge others based on face value. I am not your typical Asian girl from Bellevue. I hate clubs and I can barely stand the (U. District) bars. Anyhow, I'd love to dig clams or bring home some crabs. Next time, maybe. I'd really want to catch the sunrise meaning I would need to spend the night out there. We'll see what happens. I'm excited for the trip!

I've been putting this off as long as I can remember.

Where can I find decently-priced contact lenses online, besides 1800contacts.com?

I really need some now, and I think I'm down to my last pair. My right eye has gotten a little worse, but I can't afford to get an eye exam. I almost don't even think it's necessary.

Some people know that 2008 was a quite a year for me - it was like a major turning point for me. Here are some things I somewhat learned in 2008:

* Never EVER date a guy/girl or have a roommate who has a World of Warcraft addiction
* Things don't change unless you try to make a difference
* You have to really learn to love yourself before you do the same for others
* Parents will always nag and annoy you whether you still live at home or not, but your relationship does improve gradually
* Life is too short - have a little fun

Post the first sentence from the first post of each month.

January: Happy new year!

February: I ended up giving Angelo my resignation letter today.

March: The "going-away party" wasn't really a going-away party to me, but I mainly wanted to see some of the people I cared about from my last job.

April: I don't understand why both my Desktop and laptop computers crash everytime I do editing on LJ/MySpace?

May: I'm back home in Seattle!

June: It is sad to say, but I'm getting tired of applying for jobs.

July: I am suppose to have a job interview today at 9:00am, but I just decided that I am not that interested in the company.

August: This is a happy post:

September: Amy couldn't be happier.

October: It's scary when you know your co-worker is PMSing.

November: I'm not as good about updating my LJ as I was before.

December: I had a very nice time down in Camas/Vancouver/Portland for my 4-day Thanksgiving weekend.

Haha. This kind of does sum up my year in 2008. You can see the negativity (of the struggle of finding a job after leaving Safeway) and you can also see my mood change (in a way!) as we headed to the second half of the year. I still do have my ups and downs, but I am not writing as much about it on LiveJournal, I guess. Rather, I might even have been hiding? I don't hide my feelings well, so who knows. But here is another entry to add. :P

Am I seeing this right?

Because I think I might die from the heat leaving the office after work tomorrow. 96 degrees for Saturday? That means it'll be over 100 degrees for sure. I don't think I have ever experienced that in Seattle before! Need to find a way to cool off somehow!

I love being able to be friends with people I work with and people I once worked with. I was keeping in touch with Shadow, and now I am staying in touch with Anne, who just quit from work. I only worked with her for a week. She called me and even emailed me to tell me that we would have been great friends. The only times when I really don't get along with someone are when the bosses are a-holes. I don't really have a problem w/ anybody, but I just like to be treated fairly. I love building relationships with people.

I hadn't mentioned this on LJ before, I purchased the Garmin Nuvi 660 GPS navigation system and it just arrived today! The one I bought for T was the 650. I had been watching these for a while, hoping for even lower prices. I gave in and bought it last Thursday. I just couldn't wait because I think it would be super helpful to have this handy when I'm in Portland a lot. :)

Had dinner at the Cheesecake with Alice earlier. I hadn't seen her in 4-5 years? Pretty crazy.

Kind of still cynical about the stuff around here. Been thinking a lot for sure. Totally counting down the days till I see everyone again!

This is a happy post:

1. I got paid today. I just want to say how good it feels to have a paycheck.
2. I learned to do accounts receivable and deposits today.
3. I had a great time hanging out with everyone, especially Aaron, from work for dinner at Anthony's Homeport restaurant in Ballard. (Mind you, he has a gf, but he's the only other laid-back person at work!)
4. I bought a very hot low-cut halter top at Nordstrom Rack. It was overpriced, but I liked it because of the colors and its dressiness. Low-cut tops have not been my thing for years now, but I said wth. It'll need a safety pin. I can always wear something underneath if I feel like it. ;)
5. I keep getting compliments from people telling me how sweet and positive I am. =)
6. My Newport News order didnt't get lost because it finally arrived today!

I am finally going to use my GJ gc to get highlights tomorrow! I know my hair is a little damaged. It looks better with the trim I got earlier in the week, but I think it is time for a change! Mixture of blonde and auburn highlights? Just blonde or just brown? I am still undecided!!

I love payaya milk. I learned how to make it by watching my Mom when I was little. I don't know why I don't make it more often. Oh, probably because I can't afford to pay $2.99 for a payaya all the time. :P

So I accidentally spilled water on my keyboard 2 nights ago. (Does this sound familiar to you, sherm? :P) Tonight, I turned on the computer to see if it's working again. No, in fact, it's sort of messed up. Does anyone know how to fix this problem?

I tried looking on ebay to find a new keyboard that is compatible with my computer, but I haven't really found a match. This one is the closest thing because it has the same plug thing like my keyboard. My Sony Vaio desktop computer's model # is: PCV-RX560. Any help would be very much appreciated.

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